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Why Butterfly Holistics?

I want you to feel better. Simple as that. Maybe for you feeling better means being more calm, present and able to balance work and home life.

It could mean moving forward and finally letting go of something that has been keeping you stuck.

Maybe you are struggling with stress or pain, feel like you have tried everything and just need relief.


-- Valerie Remhoff, Butterfly Holistics

I want you to know that  there is hope.

Holistic Approach

In the holistic model, practitioners look at the whole person on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, and work to restore harmony throughout the system. Holistic Healing methods like energy work can enhance wellness and supplement standard healthcare. In some cases, the holistic approach can work where standard health care has failed.

Restore Harmony

The internal and external challenges we face, create stress on different levels within the body system. This stress causes imbalances that lead to the experience of pain and emotional upset. By identifying and clearing the imbalances, the whole system is returned to a more harmonious state, healing becomes much easier, and you experience relief.

Feel Euphoric

Many people can identify their issues, and even logically reason them out on a conscious level, but are still unable to release them. With kinesiology, I can help you both identify and release the imbalances that are keeping you from living your best life. When you work with me, my goal is for you to be out of pain and feel euphoric about the change you see in yourself and your life.

Our Unique Experience

Gain Insight

I believe we should all take an active role in our own healing. I find that getting my clients involved in the experience of a session helps them to gain insight into themselves and learn ways to maintain balance on their own.

One of the most amazing things about energy work is that you really can make lasting change in a very short amount of time. Stress can be reduced, sleep can be improved, and pain can often be reduced or relieved in a matter of minutes or seconds. 

Experience Relief


Tapping into your body’s own innate wisdom and healing abilities opens up a world of possibilities. The only way to truly grasp the power of this work is to experience it for yourself. Come give it a try, you’ll wonder how you lived without it!


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