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Hello, I’m Valerie Remhoff

Specialized Kinesiologist, IKC certified Touch for Health instructor/consultant, Reiki master teacher, author and educator.

All of those titles aside, most people would simply call me an energy healer, it’s who I am. I am passionate about helping people create real and lasting change in their lives and it brings me immense joy to see the smiles of relief and hope on my clients faces.

I am grateful every day to be able to do what I love while helping others heal.

Valerie Remhoff

I didn’t always know that this was what I wanted to do. In fact, like many people, I didn’t even know the field of energy healing existed.

I started college as a chemistry major with a dance minor and graduated three years later as an environmental science major with a job as a software configuration manager.

Even though I have always been intuitive, loved helping people and have seen and sensed energy my whole life, my logical and scientific brain took over when it came to choosing a career.

For a long time, I thought the two aspects of my personality were at odds with one another, the logic/science and the intuition. Turns out they are a perfect combination for an energy healer using kinesiology!

I came upon this revelation when my sister, who was battling a serious illness, had exhausted all the treatment options of conventional medicine and began seeing a holistic practitioner.

After working with him for a short time, she started feeling better and seeing more improvement than she had in years of conventional treatments.

After hearing about her sessions, I started researching the techniques her practitioner was using. This is how I discovered kinesiology. I was fascinated at how kinesiology blends western scientific principles with eastern energy philosophy.

It gave me a way to combine both my logical scientific brain and my heart centered intuitive gifts. I knew I had found my calling.

I immersed myself in learning about kinesiology and energy healing modalities.

With the support of my husband, I left my job in software and began building my energy healing practice while raising our boys. In 2010, I founded Butterfly Holistics to serve my community and beyond, with in-person and virtual healing sessions as well as classes in energy healing methods.

The work I do changes lives, and I want to share my gifts with as many people as possible. When you open your heart and mind to the healing abilities of the body, you can truly work miracles.

My Credentials

I have a BA in Environmental Science from Rollins College. In 2004, I began my holistic studies and have trained in Reiki, Touch for Health (TFH), Health Kinesiology (now Natural Bioenergetics), Energy Medicine, the Professional Kinesiology Practitioner Program (PKP), Inner Clarity, SIPS, and many other techniques and systems including chakra balancing and crystal healing. 

I am a Reiki Master Teacher and an IKC Certified Touch for Health instructor and consultant.

I am also a National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) approved continuing education provider.

In 2015, I published the book Dynamic Healing: A Practitioner’s Guide to Reiki Applications with my co-author Marina Lando. I have developed many classes and programs to help people learn more about energy healing and ways to heal themselves.