Self-Care Classes

Energy is all around us. It runs through us, connects us, and helps make us who we are. Our energy systems support our bodies and help us to stay healthy and strong. Emotions, thoughts, actions, diet, and all manner of other stressors affect our energy and can impede the natural healing process. By taking a proactive approach to caring for our energy systems, we can help to alleviate these stressors and promote health and vitality.

In these energy wellness self-care classes, you will learn how to listen to your body and keep your energy in balance. Gain the skills and the knowledge to develop new lifelong patterns of self-care that will help keep you feeling happy and healthy.

Intuition is one of our greatest allies. In this class we will investigate the methods of intuitive guidance and how they can be used both for healing and in daily life. Students will practice several different ways of working with energy and will discover their primary way of receiving intuitive guidance. 

A basic introduction to energy and the meridian and chakra system. Learn several different ways to balance your own energy to help with physical, mental and emotional challenges.

Learn about the positive and negative effects that the energy of other people and situations can have on us. Discover several ways to protect your own energy so that you are able to stay balanced.

Pain is often a result of over energy in the body. Learn several meditations and balancing techniques to reduce or eliminate pain.

A basic introduction to muscle testing. Learn to evaluate the energetic effect of foods on the body so you can make beneficial choices for both you and your family.

With all the stimulation of today’s world, it can be difficult to relax. These simple meditations will help you find the stillness and calm you are missing. Learn to release stress, get grounded, find your center and balance your energy, all in just a few minutes a day.