Bioenergy Patches

BioEnergy Patches are small, wearable disks which are programmed with specific sets of bio-frequencies that work to support the particular systems in the body for which each patch was designed. The body recognizes the frequency information and begins to match and resonate with it. By wearing the patches continually as required, the body is consistently immersed in this healing conversation, helping to restore natural balance.

BioEnergy Patches are non-drug and chemical free. They are worn on the back of the left shoulder and replaced every 3 days. They attach much like a bandage, with an FDA approved, hypoallergenic, waterproof adhesive. They are a perfect adjunct to your energy balancing sessions!

Patches are available for stress, emotional balance, sleep, focus, pain and inflammation and more!

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*BioEnergy patches are frequency patches and contain no medicine. They are meant to support the body naturally and do not take the place of medical treatments.