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The Heart of a Tree

Glowing blue heart within a tree

February 2, 2022

Did you ever have one of those days that just took the stuffing out of you? When you had just nothing left? I had one of those yesterday before 8 am. So instead of going straight home after dropping my son at the bus stop, I walked past the house and into the woods. I walked far enough that I couldn’t see any houses, just the trees and the little tributary that leads into the creek a little further back. The sky was clear and the sun was low in the sky, peeking through the trees. It was a cold and beautiful morning, and the woods were quiet and peaceful.

I found a tree with a large base of roots where I could sit and lean against the tree. I sat there and looked at the sun, felt the ground beneath me, breathed in the cold air, and just let go. I felt supported by the tree and I started looking at the strong giants around me and thinking about their days. When something stressful happens, they can’t run away from it. They are forced to stand there and endure it. They grow stronger roots to hold them up against the stormy winds. They reach further into the sky to get more sun to help them nourish themselves. They shed their leaves each fall and take time to rest before creating new growth again in the spring.

I thought about all of this and my stress began to melt away. I reached into the earth for support, I looked up to the sky for nourishment, I shed my excess and allowed myself to rest. I found myself feeling totally at peace. I eventually got up and went back inside and I carried that feeling with me throughout the day. It helped me to handle the issues I was facing.

This morning I decided to repeat my process from yesterday since it had been so helpful and enjoyable. As I again left the woods with a feeling of peace and calm, I decided to take a picture so I could put it on my phone or computer to remind me to breathe. I snapped it quickly and continued on my way to the house. When I got inside, I looked at it with the intention of putting it on my phone lock screen. This image is what I found.

I have no explanation for what appears in my picture. The tree seems to be glowing from the inside, in what is not just my favorite color, but my life color, aqua. This color represents peace, nurturing, clarity and healing and I have used varying shades of it in my logo and website for my holistic healing business for years. Zoomed out, the light almost looks like the butterfly in my logo, but zoomed in, to me, it looks like the heart of the tree. This image is an amazing gift. It truly captures what I was connecting to in the woods. It reminds me that there is more magic, beauty, and strength in the world than we realize and if we just take the time to slow down and notice, miracles happen.