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What is an Energy Balancing Session and Why do I Need One?

When I meet people for the first time and they ask what I do, there are very few times when I am rewarded with a look of recognition. Much of what I do are things people have never seen or heard of before, so telling them that I am a Kinesiologist and Reiki Master isn’t enough of an answer. I can easily describe the process of my energy balancing sessions and give examples of some of the issues that might be helped, (which I will do below) however because the meridian and chakra systems are not taught alongside our other body systems in school, getting people on board with the concept of taking care of their energy system can be rather challenging.

     Many people I talk to are convinced that you must “believe” in energy work to get results, and that simply is not the case. Energy systems have been studied and mapped with scientific instruments and are as real as every other system in our bodies. Belief or non-belief in the existence of the digestive system does not change its power to turn food into fuel, and belief or non-belief in an energy system like the meridians does not change their connection to, and effect on the muscles and organs of the body.

     The results of energy balancing are as real and tangible as swallowing a pill. Stress can be reduced, sleep can be improved, and pain can often be reduced or relieved in a matter of minutes or seconds. Unfortunately, in our current culture, more natural options of healthcare like energy balancing, are seen as “alternative,” and are therefore not as freely accepted and utilized as the Western medical model. While Western medicine is definitely warranted in some cases, there are many natural healthcare options that are highly effective, easy to learn, and can help bring about quick relief without the need for medical interventions.

     So my challenge in reaching people and getting them to start taking care of their energy really isn’t just about explaining what a session is or what it can be helpful with. The challenge is shifting the paradigm so that natural therapies start to be considered and accepted as mainstream forms of healthcare, rather than “alternative.”   

Let’s take a look at a typical first session…

The Intake

First, you will fill out some forms and we will talk about your challenges your reasons for coming in. Common issues that I work with include stress, anxiety, emotional trauma, relationships, physical injury, postural stress, learning challenges, sleep disturbances, and more. The list is practically endless because our energy systems are involved in all aspects of our health.

The Evaluation

Next, I will do an evaluation of your energy systems using muscle testing. I will check things like general energy level, how well the energy is crossing the midlines of the body and what the current pattern is in the meridians and chakras. I will also have you rate your stress or pain on a scale from 0-10. This gives you a quantifiable feeling of where you are starting. We will revisit this number later.

The Balance

Finally, we will use all the information gained in the evaluation, and more muscle testing, to choose the best techniques to use to restore balance to your system at that session. Some examples of corrections that might be used are the following: holding points for emotional stress release, testing and balancing the 14 meridians with a Touch for Health 14 muscle balance, applying Reiki, or spending time on the Biomat. These are just a few of the many options available, and it all depends completely on you and your body and the state of your energy when you walk in that day.   

The Results

Every session and every person is different. The results of a session are very individual and vary from session to session and issue to issue. At the end of the session, I will ask you to re-evaluate your stress or pain and give me a new number from 0-10. Typically that number has dropped from the original number, often significantly. I can in no way guarantee results, and I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe for any condition, but I can tell you that most people feel much better at the end of a session. Some people notice more of a shift by the next day, and some even find that the benefits appear in another aspect of life where they were not expecting them. I see good come from every session and I give my best to each of my clients in an effort to help them improve their lives in whatever way they and their bodies see fit.

Happy to Help

If you or someone you know is stressed, in pain, struggling with concentration or feeling like they have tried everything and don’t know where else to turn, I would love to help. Schedule a session today and experience how amazing you can feel!